5 Essential Lemon Juice Substitutes

Marketing fruity-flavored deliciousness isn’t hard, especially in the summertime. Still, the tartness of a bright yellow lemon isn’t a hit with every foodie. It’s an undeniably versatile option, with its juice complimenting a glass of water, fish and chips or a ginger shot to help boost your immune function. If you are among those who don’t love the highly acidic fruit, or you’ve run out and are in a pinch for a lemon juice substitute, consider trying out some of the options below.

Five Essential Lemon Juice Substitutes

Lemon Juice Substitute pictured: lemons and limes on cutting boardLemon Juice Substitute pictured: lemons and limes on cutting board
Photo by Elena Kloppenburg/Unsplash


If you’re only missing a small amount of lemon juice from your recipe, vinegar makes for a great replacement. Both are tart and acidic, though it’s important to note that vinegar shouldn’t replace lemon when the latter is meant to be the primary flavor, like in most desserts. Still, it can work well in savory dishes. When you do use vinegar, it can be swapped out at a 1/2:1 ratio, or one tablespoon of vinegar for two tablespoons of lemon.

Orange Juice

Many Americans keep orange juice in their fridge to enjoy with a tasty brunch, but the vibrant beverage has far more possibilities in the kitchen than quenching your thirst. If using it as a lemon juice substitute, squeeze in your desired amount at a 1:1 ratio in most cases. It’s important to note that orange is less acidic and sweeter than its yellow counterpart, and it has twice as many minerals and vitamins, bringing even more health benefits your way.

White Wine

Lemon Juice Substitute pictured: glass of white wineLemon Juice Substitute pictured: glass of white wine
Photo by Krisztina Papp

Besides being a great way to relax on a warm summer evening, a glass of white wine has plenty to offer your culinary experience. Should your desire as a chef be to brighten up flavors or deglaze your pan, the elegant alcoholic drink is worth keeping on hand – whether you drink it or use it as a lemon juice substitute in your favorite recipe.

Lime Juice

The sister of the lemon is none other than the lime, which appears almost as frequently in desserts. Each fruit has an acidity level of five; their inviting citrusy tastes make key lime and lemon meringue pies big hits among dessert lovers of all ages. The smaller green food works extremely well during the canning process should you run out of lemon; vinegar is slightly less acidic and can result in unsafe storage.

Cream of Tartar

Perhaps the most unexpected lemon juice substitute you can cook with is cream of tartar, found in the baking section of many grocery stores. It’s most common use is stabilizing egg white foams or whipped cream, but tartar is also an ingredient in baking powder. Since it’s not a liquid like the other options on the list, remember to add additional moisture to your concoction if necessary to keep the taste and texture great.

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