5 Stylish Fruit Bowls To Make Your Kitchen 10x Prettier

You may not be able to compare apples and oranges, but you sure can store them in a manner stylish enough to make your produce selection a focal point in your kitchen. Now, sure, you can store most of your fruit in the fridge, but this is honestly just a lot more fun and will better serve you on your journey to making your entire home represent you and your personal design style. These bowls can essentially serve as the centerpiece of the kitchen and are a great opportunity to bring more creativity and life into an otherwise dull or mundane space.

Our Top Fruit Bowl Picks

These bowls can also be used as a display dish for special occasions, gatherings and parties, making them a multi-purpose investment that can serve you far beyond the bounds of fruit storage. Who doesn’t love a bowl that can truly do it all?

Do you have to store fruit in your fruit bowl?

Even if you don’t enjoy fruit, there are plenty of other ways to bring fruit bowls into your space. Moss balls, stones and fake fruits are great fillers for bowls. The idea here is the art of decoration and how you can bring that into the fold of your everyday life, not the other way around.

Contrary to popular belief, fruit bowls don’t have to be boring kitchen addendums and can actually be a great avenue to enhancing your space and letting your kitchen reflect more of the design scheme you have curated throughout your home. Conversely, they are also a great way to spice up an existing bland space.

Whatever fruits or filler you fancy, from bushels of bananas and a gaggle of grapefruit to decorative stones and similar artificial items, here are five fruit bowls to elevate your kitchen space and transform your kitchen.

Akri Low Serving Bowl

For the luxe lovers among us, this elevated serving bowl is the perfect resting piece for your fruit. This can also be used as a catchall bowl for everyday items such as your keys, wallets and miscellaneous objects.

Jonathan Adler Mustique Handmade Acrylic Fruit Bowl

Jonathan Adler is well-known in the trendy decor sector, so it’s no surprise that his fruit bowls absolutely transcend preconceived notions of kitchen wear.
This marbled acrylic bowl is the perfect pop of color.

Fazeek Geo Bowl

If your home has an eclectic vibe, this multi-hued and stacked bowl is the perfect addition to any counter or kitchen island. Bonus points: It’s dishwasher safe, meaning easy clean-up. Who doesn’t love that?

Reality Hand Bowl

This piece from Harry Allen is perfect for fans of non-traditional art and design choices. This two-hand bowl is a great way to hold and display your fruit while subverting norms regarding what a bowl even is.

Orcino Green Marble Fruit Bowl

Another gem from CB2, this marble fruit bowl is perfect for those who tend to lean toward darker color pallets but still want to experiment with more aesthetically pleasing serving bowls. A certified crowd-pleaser, this spherical bowl that rests on smaller spheres is a statement piece for the ages. It’s the perfect way to display your fruit or other items year-round.

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