What To Consider Before an Aesthetic Fridge Storage Makeover

We’ve all seen it. The super curated fridges on TikTok that look like something out of a professional organizer’s wildest dreams. Their fruit is stored in acrylic containers and baskets; their juices are all decanted into separate pitchers and bottles, and you will never catch their eggs in their original container.

These fridges and all of their aesthetic glory have become a major source of content for users online. Fridge restocks, organization, and clean-out videos have accumulated over 100,000 videos and a quick scroll through this content will show you why. From the angles to the sounds, the videos are super satisfying and the clanking and clicking sounds are an ASMR goldmine. All in all, the perfect storm for engaging content that has all of us wondering if we need to make over our fridges as well.

Do I need to dump out all of my mixed-matched Tupperware and replace it with matching cream containers that stack up perfectly in my fridge? Should we be pouring our milk into cute little carafes? If you have ever had any of these thoughts and you want to know if aesthetic fridge storage is a venture you should pursue, we are here to help. Here are five things to consider before giving your fridge a major makeover.

Open fridgeOpen fridge
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Consider your why.

Like with anything, assessing if a fridge transformation is right for you starts with having a clear reason why. A solid reason why you want to revamp your fridge will help you gauge whether or not this is even a decision you want to make and, more importantly, will stick with it. So, who can a fridge revamp help?

Opting for a more cohesive fridge organization can help those who struggle to use up what is in their fridge, as things may be a bit easier to reach and deal with when placed intentionally in different containers. For those who frequent farmer’s markets, having your own containers is also advantageous, as sturdy packaging is not always a guarantee.

Leave social media comparison in the past.

The urge to compare yourself to the crisp and clean lives of people online is a shared experience we all battle with to various extents. While it is normal, it’s important we don’t let this overhaul our decisions. If the main reason why you want to have aesthetic fridge storage is because your favorite influencer did it, then it may not be the best idea. If you aren’t super passionate about this switch, you may find yourself abandoning all of the aesthetic goodies you bought after a month or two when the novelty wears off.

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Timing matters.

Depending on where you are in life can influence whether or not you want to pursue aesthetic fridge organization. If you are moving into a new place or getting a new fridge, aesthetic fridge storage may be a great way to commemorate a fresh start.

Explore other options.

As you consider your why, make sure you consider if what you’re really after is a good old-fashioned fridge clean-out. Opening those fridge doors only to be met with leftovers from last week, expired kale, and other unmentionables may have you ready to do a complete aesthetic overhaul. But you do not have to buy out the entire Container Store to get things in order. A standard declutter is often all we need to feel recharged and on top of our lives.

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Make practicality a priority.

If you do decide to do a fridge makeover, make sure you pick storage options that make sense for your life and are not just carbon copies of what people online are doing. Not a fan of meal prep? Don’t waste your time on those small square containers. Do what works for you.

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