Always Pan Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

The Always Pan is a piece of cookware that needs no introduction—coveted by many, it took the internet by storm and now graces the stovetops of your favorite influencers, celebrities and neighbors alike. Now, after over a month of frying, sautéing and simmering with the Always Pan 2.0 and its smaller but oh-so-cute Mini Always Pan 2.0 version, we can confidently say that Our Place’s pans have our stamp of approval.

First Impressions

Given the chic stoneware look, we expected these pans to be way heavier than they actually are—that’s why their lightweight construction (2 and 3 pounds, respectively) was one of the first things we noticed after pulling them out of the box. (This was a concern of ours after trying out the Caraway cookware set, which is, in our opinion, quite heavy for everyday pans.)

Not only that, but the Spice color (of course we got the Spice color) immediately brightens up a kitchen lacking in color. Although the color appears to be more of a blush pink in photos, it definitely leans more toward a dark terracotta, which is something to be mindful of if you’re deciding between Spice and another color.

What Else We Love

When it finally came time to cook, we were hesitant to put these pans to the test. (I mean, who can blame us for wanting to maintain their pristine, undeniably aesthetic appearance for as long as possible?) However, after over a month of nearly everyday use, we can vouch that they still look just as good as the day we unboxed them.

Photo credit: Camryn Dilger

We cooked everything from meat to eggs to veggies, and any leftover residue immediately rinsed off without a problem. We never found ourselves overly scrubbing stuck-on food or worrying about tarnishing the cooking surface area—the non-stick properties really are what they say they are. You can fry an egg like nobody’s business, and it glides around so easily it might just slip out of the pan if you’re not careful.

We also didn’t realize how nice it would be to have pans with designated lids and spatulas. The convenience and organization is unmatched—you’ll always have a lid and a spatula on hand right when you need it, without ever finding yourself digging through a cupboard in search of your desired piece of cookware and its matching lid. We can honestly say that these two pieces really did replace our needs for other cookware, and we pretty much exclusively used only these for the entire month of testing.

Final Thoughts

These pans truly check all the boxes in both the performance and design categories. They’ve become our ride-or-die pans in the kitchen, making the often monotonous task of cooking and cleaning a little more bearable and—dare we say—enjoyable. With a 100-day trial, a one-year limited warranty, and free shipping and returns, there’s no reason not to try one (or two) for yourself.

Always Pan Duo

The Always Pan Duo is our go-to cookware set for our everyday cooking needs, and we think it’ll be yours too. The 50% longer-lasting nonstick ceramic coating is made without potentially toxic materials like lead and cadmium, and the body and lid are made with 100% recycled aluminum (meaning it’s three times more heat conductive than stainless steel). It’s also oven safe up to 450 degrees, with its outer handle allowing for easy transferring. With two different sizes to choose from depending on what you’re cooking, the combination of the Standard and the Mini is practical and versatile enough for any home cook. And, above all else—because this is Home & Texture, after all—there’s really not a more stylish kitchen tool that you can proudly display on your stovetop even after the cooking is done—it’s a true centerpiece in both function and form.

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